We are members of Philadelphia Archdiocese parishes who have attended a cursillo weekend and are fulfilling a promise to be in a lifelong commitment of piety, study and action in our Catholic faith.


The word "Cursillo" means "Short Course." The longer version of Cursillo is "Cursillo de Christianidad," or "Short Course in Christianity." This movement came to Philadelphia 50 years ago, but originated in Spain long before, and has become a worldwide movement. Cursillistas are a group of people who are striving to support each other in living out their Christian faith in their everyday lives. The goal of Cursillo is to assist people of faith to "bloom where they are planted," and become more fully the unique person God created them to be.


To become a Cursillista, you must attend a Cursillo weekend. A Cursillo weekend begins on a Thursday evening and ending on Sunday. A team of 10-15 lay people and two spiritual directors (at least one of which is a Catholic priest) prepare and host the weekend for those attending. This "team" of Cursillistas gives talks on various aspects of Christian living and spirituality. Daily Mass is celebrated on the weekend, and time for prayer, study, reflection and fellowship is provided. Men's and women's weekends are held on separate weekends. All meals are provided and shared together



In Spain during the 1940’s a group of men, led by Eduardo Bonnin decided that many in the Catholic Church were not learning about their faith through traditional methods. It was decided that lay men might be able to communicate living their faith in a unique way that will help other men to learn how to encounter them self, encounter Christ and encounter others. After much prayer and effort, a short course in Christianity was developed, called Cursillo de Christiandad.


This course is given during the Cursillo Weekend: a combination of a traditional and communal retreat weekend. A few years later, the first Women’s Cursillo Weekend was developed in order to help Lay Women to learn about their faith with this unique method. With the ongoing support of clergy and the religious as Spiritual Advisors, Cursillo has been a transformative movement within our Catholic Church since its inception.


The Cursillo in Christianity is a movement of the Roman Catholic Church that is committed to helping each member to foster a deeper relationship with Christ, so that they can bring Christ into the everyday moments of their lives. Cursillo teaches us how to do this through our ongoing efforts of bringing the primary Charism of the movement into each encounter; that is helping one another to be Christian. In doing this, we help one another to become the person God created us to be.

Important Links and Contacts

Click here to watch a video entitled "What is the Cursillo?"

English Lay Director:  kellyannepatterson@comcast.net or 610-458-0734

Lay Director Spanish Philadelphia Cursillo: Rigoberto Euceda, rigo2845@hotmail.com or 215-868-2946

Region II Cursillo:  http://www.mccregion2.com

National Cursillo Movement:  http://www.natl-cursillo.org/

World Organization of Cursillos in Christianity:  http://www.orgmcc.org

Cause for canonization of Eduardo Bonnin: http://www.feba.info/

National fundraising: http://smile.amazon.com